2014 Map Workshops: Sign up Time!

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Introductory Mapmaking Workshop, 10/13

2013 workshop attendees making their maps

In October 2013, I ran a three-day map workshop (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) here in my Connecticut studio for ten students. They came from various places: California, Illinois, New Jersey, New York City, and Connecticut.  A couple of them are seasoned artists,  and one curates a major university map collection, but none of them had much map-making experience before the workshop. By the time they left on Sunday afternoon, everyone had either finished or nearly finished a map. That doesn’t begin to describe the experience, however. As the instructor, I had prepared diligently for the workshop; furthermore, I’d drafted the help of  my studio colleague John Darnell and my husband Duncan Milne, who is an artist and an architect and a great mapmaker himself. Our efforts paid off, I think. But there was another, truly magical, reason the workshop was so successful–namely, the camaraderie that arose among everyone.  Together, we laughed, encouraged one another, wined and dined, shared our interests. In this atmosphere, everyone felt inspired and comfortable. Our attendees were ten great people, but I’m bold and optimistic enough to think that any ten people bound by this cartographic goal will create this same atmosphere.

In the next couple of posts, I’ll share student comments and some of their maps.

Meanwhile, on to my 2014 workshops. This autumn, I’m holding two:  an introductory workshop from Friday, September 12th through Sunday, September 14th, and an advanced workshop from Friday, October 3rd through Sunday, October 3rd.  Here ‘s basic info.

Three-day Introductory Mapmaking Workshop, Friday, September 12 through Sunday, September 14: If you want to master the art of manuscript mapmaking (maps made by hand, that is), come to this workshop, held in my Durham, CT studio, and learn all my deep cartographic secrets. At the same time, experience an autumn weekend in the beautiful Connecticut River Valley, establish camaraderie with fellow attendees, and enjoy country fare: breakfast, lunch and day’s-end wine and cheese.  Limited to ten students.  Last year’s workshop filled quickly—act now! Workshop fee: $600 (includes art/cartography supplies), $550 if you book by April 1st. To reserve a place or ask questions, e-mail or call me: connie@redstonestudios.com; 860 575 4640.

Three-day Advanced Mapmaking Workshop: Friday, Oct 3 through Sunday, October 5:  Advanced three-day manuscript map workshop in my studio, open to veterans of last year’s introductory workshop, and to experienced mapmakers as well. No set curriculum for this workshop: choose your own cartographic adventure! Also featured: autumn in Connecticut, fortifying fare, and camaraderie. Workshop fee: $600 (includes art/cartography supplies, in this case geared to individual goals), $550 if you book by April 1st. To reserve a place or ask questions, e-mail or call me: connie@redstonestudios.com; 860 575 4640.


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  1. Jill Miller Says:

    Any, (all), who want a truly magical experience and a front row seat to this compelling art, take the beginners workshop. Encouraged, (okay, blackmailed), into attending by my daughter, I can tell you that I was intimidated by the other attendees and initially skeptical because I am quite sure that I flunked ruler in Kindergarten. Fear not. You will be immediately made to feel at home and Connie and Duncan fold you into their world so effortlessly that you may feel – actually – like you fell down the Rabbit Hole. The good news is – YOU HAVE!

    For one glorious weekend you will immerse yourself into this art form and come away with, at the very least, the most addictive hobby you could imagine having. I work on my maps every day and I painted one for my daughter of her New Zealand trip two years ago and gave it to her this past Christmas. She sobbed. ( I have pictures.)

    RUN. Don’t walk to this workshop!

    Jill Miller

  2. connie Says:

    Thanks, Jill, for your kind words. I was fortunate enough to have had phenomenal workshop attendees!

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